Demystifying Breath Support : Why you should not worry about the way you breathe Vocal Release : The cornerstone of natural singing Vocal Registers : How they are sabotaging your range and how to use them to your advantage Speaking Voice : The foundation of singing and how to use it as your reference point Vocal Cord Muscle Training : Find out the most effective way to get results out of your training Vocal Compression : The holy grail of heavy singing Pharyngeal Voice : Your free ticket to vocal effects Targeted Style Training : The only method on the web to include actual singing of whole songs with DIFFERENT approach for DIFFERENT styles and how to approach them


The Modern Singing Method

I was once exactly where you are now; passionately researching the art of singing, fuelled from deep within by a burning desire to finally succeed as a respected vocalist. For 15 gruelling years, that was my life. I spent every spare penny I had to work with some of the best vocal coaches in the industry, many of them world-renowned. But for some reason, things just didn’t click. Although I’d learned a ton of new technical jargon, exercises and “secrets”, none of them actually translated into my performances. I still wasn’t a better singer.

But, after countless hours of intense training and personal trial and error, the answers finally hit me. I conquered singing! And I knew I had to share what I’d learned. I’ve devoted almost two decades of my life to understanding the mechanics of this marvellous and magnificent instrument that we call voice. I’m now dedicated to helping others finally discover the voice that’s hidden within them!

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If you are struggling to find your voice, or think you sound strange when you try to sing, I recommend taking lessons with George. He has a great understanding on what it takes to sound natural and allow your voice to be free enough to sing high.

@Amol Malankar

I have tried several methods through years of singing, but with George’s approach and with his method, I managed to steer away from bad habits and wrong techniques and advice I acquired over years of taking voice lessons and finally get back in touch with my natural instincts about singing. After all these years I can finally state that I can sing!


As George has repeatedly said: ”There has been so much misunderstanding about signing”. And as with most things in life, if not all, singing requires a solid understanding of how the voice works. The lessons are simplified and to the point; equally divided to theory and practice, you will focus on how it feels to sing properly instead of studying anatomy. Worth every penny.

@Themistocles, slavEATgod

I am trying to elaborate my thoughts about George’s role over the last months. First, I would like to say that I have tried many teachers before, some of them very well renowned. Some of the teachers know a lot about voice, but the missing point is the correlation between what they know , what you do wrongly and the solution to solve it. That is the strongest asset of George. Good knowledge and superb conscience of what you do wrong and how to solve it. When I am having a lesson with him it is almost as having a double conscience , a very deep trip into my phonatory system and its functions. I am sure he is being the best by far through this process.

@Cesar, Chromosound

Trying to understand how to access my higher range was a very long quest full of doubt during which I trained with many vocal coaches, some of them world famous. Each gave me a piece of the puzzle but George shifted me to a totally different dimension and completely made me rethink everything about my singing as his understanding of the voice and everything related to singing is deeper and clearer than every other person I worked with. If you know how to yawn, George will make you sing any song!

@Benoit Guerville, Loud

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