Demystifying Breath Support : Why you should not worry about the way you breathe Vocal Release : The cornerstone of natural singing Vocal Registers : How they are sabotaging your range and how to use them to your advantage Speaking Voice : The foundation of singing and how to use it as your reference point Vocal Cord Muscle Training : Find out the most effective way to get results out of your training Vocal Compression : The holy grail of heavy singing Pharyngeal Voice : Your free ticket to vocal effects Targeted Style Training : The only method on the web to include actual singing of whole songs with DIFFERENT approach for DIFFERENT styles and how to approach them


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Get Ready to Sing!

The Modern Singing Method in action.
The only voice lessons you’ll ever need.

  • Once you’re trained and you understand the Modern Singing Method – with practice – you’ll be able to sing even the most challenging songs.
  • You’ll be singing just like a polished professional! Your friends and family won’t believe that it’s actually YOU belting out the high and low notes with ease!
  • You know you can do it – you just need the right direction, a little practice, and the willingness to be your best.
  • You’re a singer.

Now, go and sing!