Demystifying Breath Support : Why you should not worry about the way you breathe Vocal Release : The cornerstone of natural singing Vocal Registers : How they are sabotaging your range and how to use them to your advantage Speaking Voice : The foundation of singing and how to use it as your reference point Vocal Cord Muscle Training : Find out the most effective way to get results out of your training Vocal Compression : The holy grail of heavy singing Pharyngeal Voice : Your free ticket to vocal effects Targeted Style Training : The only method on the web to include actual singing of whole songs with DIFFERENT approach for DIFFERENT styles and how to approach them


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“The Intro” – 1 Lesson

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The Intro is just that – an introduction. I introduce you to the Modern Singing Method, what it’s about, how and why I created it, and the absolutely astonishing results my students have gotten with it.
I get familiar with your voice, what you like to sing, and what you’ll need to do to get your best singing voice.

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1 review for “The Intro” – 1 Lesson

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I really liked having the Intro so I could see if I felt comfortable with George and learn more about Modern Singing Method. George is awesome! I knew within 10 minutes that he really knew his stuff and that he could help me. I couldn’t wait to keep going with more lessons!

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